3 Things to Consider When Installing a Large Light Fitting

If you’re an interior designer, a contractor, a lighting specialist, or simply a homeowner who values and cares about aesthetics, then you will know that a light fitting is more than just a functional must-have. In fact, in many modern homes and renovated properties, lighting is as much a part of the overall design as the colour of the walls and the style of furnishings. In this blog, we’re focussing on some of our larger installations, namely, the 9 pendant ceiling light fittings which combine a range of 9 pendants hanging at different heights and in different configurations to present the ultimate centrepiece. So, here are three considerations to make when installing a large light fitting, to help achieve the perfect design.

1. Think about spatial awareness

Spatial awareness is never more important than when installing a large light fitting, not only because a hanging light fitting will change the level from which the room is illuminated, but also because nine pendants can look quite overwhelming in a smaller space filled with lots of furniture. We generally find that the best-suited rooms and homes for our larger pendant lights are those with lots of big open spaces and areas because the room can be balanced by the multi-level light fitting which breaks up the otherwise very clear space. This also means thinking about whether you want your pendant lights to be configured in a line or as a more circular cluster, with the placement of each pendant impacting the light flow and design.

2. Choose a design that suits your home

Contrary to popular belief, there are some light fittings and interior details which simply don’t fit with the vibe of a property or home. For example, a very modern and angular property does not suit a traditional fabric lampshade, while a traditional home with lots of wood panelling would look out of place against a metal-framed pendant light. Choosing the right configuration of a pendant light, the right materials, and the right colour palettes for your home is key to achieving a timeless aesthetic which is stylish rather than fashionable. Where possible, we recommend keeping details such as your light fittings as simple as possible – dressing them up with surrounding accessories rather than opting for incredibly detailed lights themselves.

3. How bright do you need the light to be?

Dimmer lights are back in style, with the once-popular trend making a comeback as modern homeowners recognise the benefits of a fitting which can be adjusted to suit the mood and environment. The same is true of pendant lights, with the bulbs themselves able to be fitted and adjusted in line with how much light you want to produce within a set space. Remember that while your light fitting needs to be functional as well as decorative, a 9-pendant ceiling light equates to nine individual bulbs – all helping to illuminate one room or space. You might not need the brightest bulbs with so many shining at once! Browse our full collection on the website or get in touch to discuss specific needs and preferences.
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